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During the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh, Gurudasi Mondol became insane having watched her entire family murdered by the Razakars, the pro-Pakistani forces.

Yasmine Kabir

To the rest of the world, the favelas of Rio de Janeiro are a representation of the Brazilian social disarray. Yet they are also one of the city's the most attractive points of interest.

Felippe Schultz Mussel

This film takes place in the farming region of Quang Nam, a couple miles from of Da Nang, the site of an American naval base during the Vietnam War, where bloody fights occurred.

Lê Doan Hông

In this filmed personal diary, Mahdi Fleifel presents the life of three generations living in Ain al-Hilweh, the Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon where he grew up.

Mahdi Fleifel

Today the Amazon rainforest is a vast laboratory for sustainable experiments unveiling new relationships among human beings, corporations and this natural heritage that is crucial for life on the

Belisario Franca

“Can’t you build me a playroom mom?”…asks Rahul as his mother, Rakhi, tries to put him to sleep. “When we finish building the dike, I promise” consoles Rakhi.

Kamar Ahmad Simon

Argentinian Lesson with its visual aesthetics, its rhythm and composition parallels a narration of a fiction film.

Wojciech Staron

Atlantic Produce Togo is a company that produces and exports decorative plants. Due to the benefits it guarantees its 90 employees, it is considered a social model in Togo.

Penda Houzangbe & Jean-Gabriel Tregoat